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Lo Stagnone lagoon is Located on the western part of Sicily near the airport Trapani - Birgi. Your 7-day kiteboarding adventure comprises of riding whole week and discover Sicilian life. Kite holidays is suitable for families with children, begginers and advanced riders ...
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Spot: Shallow, Flat
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Spot for kitesurfing: Lagoon is huge and we do not exaggerate! While in front of the schools it can get a bit crowded, mediocre kiter has no problem to kite away for 5 minutes and find empty spot with flat water where he can kite in complete solitude. With the different wind directions lagoon offer many different spots with unique characteristics. Sandy beaches around the island, flat water behind broken salina (salt fields) walls, big downwinders or kite all the way up to the sea with some waves. We have an advantageous position to almost all wind directions: SE, S, SW, W, NW, N, NE - thermal convection at this point is the strongest one. 1) The best windy months - May, June, July, August, October 2) Kite sizes - most often riding kites between 10 - 14 m2 , low-wind days - foil kites 15 - 21m2between. So one of the best choice if you come to Sicily with own equipment is range between 10 and 14. As one kite size the 12m2.

Trip characteristics
Typical Pickup: Birgi Vecchi, Marsala, Provincie Trapani, Itálie
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Suitable for: Solo traveler, Group, Family, Couple, Non-rider
Ambience: Wilderness, Relaxed
Experience Type: Collective, Private

The Destination

Sicily, the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea, is blessed with warm weather, a kitesurfing season that extends virtually all year, and a huge flat shallow water lagoon that is relatively undiscovered, offering a tranquil haven for kitesurfers of all levels

The Experience

Relaxed Kite base on the beach in front of the lagoon with space enough for parking of your kite. You can reach us at walking distance or on a bicycle from the accommodation. Our kite base is situated amongst vineyards with magnificent views of the sunset. The best kite session is at during the sunset. Chillout zone provides comfort during the training time where you can use chairs, loungers, dressing rooms, showers and toilets. Our kite bse offer that Our Kiteseason bar just next to our base - everyday open, all you can eat, all you can drink :). Live music, djs, barbeque parties. Free wifi zone, SUP. Cloakroom for your own kiting equipment directly in kitecentre. Windguru weather station with a webcam. Beach assistant will help you with launch and relaunch the kites. Compressor for blowing the kites.


Accommodation in this part of Sicily island is chosen strategically 10 min away from the airport in a traditional village surrounded by vineyards with a typical domestic atmosphere. Local residents are very kind and friendly. Lagoon for kiteboarding and kiteboarding courses are located within 5 - 10 minutes by walk


Beginner Package
Package - Apartment Birgi
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  • Kiteboarding course Individual - 6h
  • Kite gear rental - 3 days
From $838.28 / 7 nights
Rental Package
Package - Apartment Birgi
  • All Standard included services
  • Kite gear rental - 5 days
From $595.62 / 7 nights
Apartment only
Package - Apartment Birgi
  • All Standard included services
From $319.87 / 7 nights
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