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5 days of personal coaching in one the most versatile kite spots in the world. Freestyle, wave, downwind, speed: here you’ll find everything incl. guaranteed wind. Combined with daily 1 ½ hours of Yoga in a peaceful boutique bed & breakfast.
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Flatwater Paradise Named as one of the Top 4 Kiteboarding flatwater spots in the world Atins guarantees constant cross on-shore winds of 15 to 30 knots from mid July to mid January. The strongest winds can be encountered in October and November. The flat and shallow water offers ideal conditions for all level of kiters. We recommend to bring Kite sizes between 7 and 12 during this period. Of course the water is warm, so leave the old wet suit at home! Waves & Downwinders Once you ride out to the ocean waves endless downwind opportunities along the coast are awaiting. And then there's the natural miracle of the Lençóis Maranhenses where you kite the lagoons in the midst of a great sand desert.

Trip characteristics
Typical Pickup: Rua Esperança 3, Atins, Barreirinhas - State of Maranhão, Brazil
Suitable for: Solo traveler, Group, Family, Couple, Non-rider
Ambience: Wilderness, Relaxed
Experience Type: Private
Food: Breakfast
Available Options: Vegetarian

The Destination

Nestled in between the dunes of the Lençóis Maranhenses National Park, the delta of the Rio Preguiças, a little contributory creek (Igarapé) and the Atlantic Ocean’s coastline, Atins is a place of pure tranquility and simple life bliss. Given its secluded setting people also like to refer to it as ‘the island’; and it certainly feels like one. In Atins you won’t find streets or any conventional pavement; here life sets place in a large sand pit. Mobile phone connectivity is patchy and Internet access is limited, electricity arrived only a few years ago and credit cards only start be seen in some places. Removed from the hurried world of civilisation, Atins offers endless dunes, sandy beaches as far as the eye can see, warm shallow waters, swaying palm trees and a constant soothing sea breeze. A destination for the adventurous traveller, Atins is the ideal base camp from where to explore the famous Lençóis Maranhenses due to its immediate access to both the park and the sea. It's also the perfect Kiteboard spot offering huge sheltered lagoons with flat waters and steady and reliable cross/onshore winds of 15-30 knots.

The Experience

You are comfortable at your current level of kiting and are looking to make a step up, boost your riding, expand on your tricks or want to progress in the waves? You are looking for an adventurous yet chill spot off the trodden path?

A team of experienced multi-lingual coaches will show you the ropes, help you to move yourself safely out of your comfort zone, push your limits and guide you to reach your new skills goals.

Steady winds, flat and warm water, lots of open space, versatile and a breathtaking scenery is what makes Atins one of the best spots in the world for your kiteboarding progression.

Your base is a stylish small hotel 200m from the spot set in a lush garden with lots of Kite amenities.

To start off the day you can join Swiss Yoga teacher and kitesurfer Fluri for an early morning stretch that will well prepared you for the tasks ahead.

For whom?

You already passed the beginner stage and are confident on the water, you master start, transitions, and go upwind according to IKO Level 3 In addition, you are an adventurer. Discovering new continents, countries and kite spots gives you that special kick. If you are looking for a luxury package holiday experience, Atins is not for you.


04/11/2019 - 10/11/2019 | 11/11/2019 - 17/11/2019 | 18/11/2019 - 24/11/2019 | 25/11/2019 - 01/12/2019

The Coaches

Rashko Batov, 29 - IKO Level 3 Instructor Speaks English, Bulgarian and a little Spanish

Native from Bulgaria Rashko started kiting in 2012 and was immediately hooked. It was through the sport that he got to travel all over the globe and and quickly moved into teaching. At his young age he’s already been giving lessons to over 100 kiters across Bulgaria, Greece, Turkey, Kenya and Brazil. Teaching Kite turned into a real passion for Rashko. He absolutely loves the vibe and stoke and draws a sense of fulfillment from working with kiters of all skills.

His bag of tricks mastery includes: Freestyle: Raley, Back-to-blind, Surface pass, S-bend, F-16, Double S-bend Old school: Rotations front, back, inverted, grabbed, multiple spins, Darkslides, One footers, Hand-drags, Tabletops

Rashko’s IKO credentials & feedback can be found here:

Viktor Dimitrov Valkanov, 38 - IKO Level 2 Instructor Speaks English, German, Russian, Bulgarian

As certified kiteboarding instructor Vikor traveled and worked around the world for the past 13 years. He started out teaching Kite in places such as Hurghada , Bulgaria, Turkey, Vietnam, Philippines, and Greece. For the last four years Viktor moved into private lessons and camps on Limnos, Fuerteventura and Zanzibar as well as managing a station in Limnos/Greece.

His trickery comprises: Freestyle: Blind Judge, Unhooked Loop 313, S-bend, F-16 Old school : Rotations front, back, inverted, grabbed, multiple spins, One footers Big Air : Consistent jumps and Kiteloops in the 8-12 meter range Strapless : Tacks, Jibes, Basic Jumping, Downwinders, Big wave riding

Karolina Michniuk - Kite Coach Speaks English, German, Spanish and Polish

Karolina was born in Poland and grew up in Germany. She started Kiting in 2014 and since 2016 competes both on snow and on water. Karolina spends half of the year working in Hamburg and the other half traveling and kiting the world (Brasil, South Africa and the Philippines). In 2017 she founded the social project “Give it to a local” to equip the natives of the Philippines and Brasil with donated kite gear and kite skills. Some of her students will soon reach a level to join their first competitions!

Her mastery of tricks includes: Freestyle: Raley, Surface pass, Unhooked Backroll, S-bend, Raley-to-blind Old school: Rotations front, back, inverted, grabbed, multiple spins, One footers, Tabletops, Downloops Big Air : Consistent jumps in the 10-meter range Strapless : Downwinders, wave riding

What to expect from the Atins Progression Clinic

The Atins Progression Clinic format is meant to build your confidence and efficiently boost your skills to see quick results in your progression. What is required from you is an open mind, a drive for learning and a little bit of courage. In the Atins Progression Clinic we will focus on three disciplines: Freestyle, Freeride and Surf. You are not obliged to stick within the boundaries of only one of these disciplines however. Prior immersing in the clinic you will have a good old chat about your goals and objectives with your coach, what it is you want to learn and where you want to get. Once you discussed your individual program with your coach everything else follows from that.

In total, you will have 7 training sessions and at least 1 theoretical session (including video analysis). Training sessions last 1 to 2 hours, and the theoretical session at least 1 hour. In between sessions you will have lots of time to practice and solidify your newly acquired skills and knowledge. Pending participants' skills levels and the tide table your training sessions may be 1-1 or or you may be grouped with one other person of a similar skill level.

In the mornings you start your day with a serene yoga session and we finish the day with a stunning sunset riding session. Throughout the day your focus will be on kiteboarding. Allow the coaches to guide you and the results will follow.

The icing on the cake? A downwind trip along the endless beaches of the Lençóis Maranhenses National Park and a Kite session in a lagoon in the middle of the dunes. Bring a camera, it will be worth it!

The last day is dedicated to finishing up your experience and for eventual spill over sessions. We’ll round up everything you covered during the previous days. Then it's time for you to enjoy your newly acquired skills and check up on any details you may have missed previously. We will also do circle back to see how you track against your intended goals and objectives. Your coach will give you a little plan on the way on what you might want to continue training beyond the Clinic.

And remember, Kiteboarding is an extreme as well as a nature sport, so the schedule of your individual program may vary subject to conditions (especially tides and currents), your individual skill level, as well as physical and mental fitness on any given day.

Maximum attendance

8 participants


This Progression Clinic is focused on your individual progression using your personal equipment. We recommend to bring Kite sizes between 7 and 12 during this period. If you require specific equipment please do let us know upon booking and we see what we can do.


Every morning you’ll be invited to early morning yoga classes with the charming Fluri. Flurina is 500 RYT certified and a passionate kitesurfer from Switzerland. She instructs Vinyasa Krama inspired by Katonah Yoga including asanas, breathing techniques and meditation. Her background as a physiotherapist and craniosacral therapist influences her teaching as she focuses on correct alignment and supports with probs and hands-on assistance.

“Practicing Yoga for many years has made a change to my physiology and psychology”, Flurina shared with us,” helping me to take the things I love, like kitesurfing, to the next level and to live a joyful life. This wonderful experience I love to share with my students, friends and family. I feel passionate about inspiring people to connect more with their physical body and to integrate their Yoga practice into a joyful life.”


The signature dish of Atins is a variation of prawns and fish. Vegetarian food being generally hard to come by in Brazil we partnered with Sandra Ruas who is preparing a small selection of three daily changing, healthy dishes with fresh ingredients from our very own organic garden - always with one vegetarian option. Sandra will be experimenting with a range of Ayurvedic recipes for us! If that tickled your fancy please already book half or full board upon reservation.

SPA Treatments

We partner with Sandra Ruas, a trained Master Reiki, Nurse, Geographer, Radiesthesist, Tarology and Ayurvedic Therapist. Sandra provides the following treatments at the Convento Arcádia: Reiki and Chakra Alignment | Magnified healing | Ayurvedic or Indian Massages | Abhyanga massage | Kirin massage | Therapeutic Tarot


The accomodation is a peaceful boutique bed & breakfast in the tranquil village of Atins on the edge of the mesmerising Lençóis Maranhenses - only 200m from the spot.
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