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Let us show you the island which became famous for its numerous kitesurfing spots and the constant monsoon wind: discover Masirah Island and have an unforgettable kite boarding experience!
Kitesurf conditions

Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Wind: Moderate, Strong

Spot: Shallow, Flat, Big waves

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Masirah Island offers kilometer after kilometer of deserted sandy beaches, wind almost every day with 5-7 Bft between May and mid-September, huge uncrowded flat water lagoons - as well as perfect ocean waves!

Trip characteristics

Accommodation: Hotel

Suitable for: Solo traveler, Family

German English

Ambience: Wilderness

Experience Type: Collective

Food: Full board

The Destination

The Sultanate of Oman is one of the most beautiful places to visit on the Arabian Peninsula. Diverse landscapes with high mountains, hot deserts and tropical areas - abrasively as well as green. This plurality characterizes this stunning country. Oman is a very original country even though extensive modernizations took place. There are no eccentric skyscrapers as there are in Dubai or Abu Dhabi. You can still sense the oriental spirit of 1001 Nights as tourism is only just launched. Traditions are omnipresent: It doesn't matter if you are in Muscat or deep in the desert, you will be overwhelmed by the Omani hospitality. Many Omanis speak English very well. And Oman is known as one of the few Arabian countries which is characterized by political stability and an excellent general safety situation. Oman is a safe tourism destination even in these hectic times in Arabia. Individual travelers - even single females - can explore the country on their own and can move freely without any inconvenience through the entire Sultanate.

The Experience

During our guided self-driving Kite holiday, we will get you to Masirah Island in the Sultanate Oman. It is a unique kiteboarding destination and with it various and different spots one of the most multifaceted kite surfing places on earth. With max 10 participants we will make sure the Kite experience will remain an exclusive journey at almost untouched spots.

We will stay at the 4* Masirah Island Resort and enjoy the best possible comfort within the available accommodations on the Island.

In the morning we will start with our tour to the most impressive locations on the island. Our experienced VDWS kite boarding professional will guide you durig the day and make sure you will experience every spot on Masirah during the best time of the day in regards to the tides and others.

Kite, relax and eat in the best possible manner and detect the best and most authentic locations.

Conditions and requirements: Typical conditions end of May will be between 28 and 35 degrees and steady winds of 15-25 knots.

Minimum required kite level to participate the daily trips to the different spots is VDWS Level 5 (going upwind).

For beginners or those who have a lower level, the opportunity of using the lagoon in front of the Kite center of Kiteboarding-Oman will be given. Here they can practice on their own or have classes. Packages for lessons upon request.

  • Departure at Muscat Airport: 9:00
  • Arrival at Muscat Airport: 22:00

Kite Spots on Masirah Island, Sultanate of Oman

At the south part of the Island you will find beaches with finest white coral sand, embedded in a permanently varying coastline. Camels are walking around (watch out while driving) and flora can be found in “wadis” (mountain vales) and oases that interrupt the rough environment.

Sur Masirah, Gshar Sheikh and Ghab are the most popular flat water spots on the island. If you prefer some swell and rough seas, it can be found within only 15-20 minutes’ drive in the eastern part of the island. The beginners waves are found in Haql. The experienced kite and wind surfers find their perfect wave in Amq, Maglah and Khasit.


The east of the island is also an important breeding area for sea turtles. Here you have the unique opportunity to observe rare species of turtles laying eggs or to get hold of a look at the freshly hatched animals and persecuted as they fight their way into the sea. Please be aware that these creatures are very shy and sensitive. Please ask for an experienced guide if you want to see turtles! It will secure a great turtle experience for you and the turtles.

Several kinds of birds have their nesting area exclusively on the island or the close neighborhood. Visitors should know that they are blessed of being in such an unspoiled environment, but understand in the same time the responsibility of behavior while visiting this place. “Take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints!” Thank you!

Other Activities

As for now there are not too many tourist activities available. It is the price of visiting an unspoiled Island which has kept its culture without the impact of big tourism until today.

Families and Kids should be able to keep themselves busy and enjoy the Island with its 160 km of untouched beaches. Those who are looking for the Resort-Experience with typical kids care performance and night activities are definitely wrong on the island.

Getting there

You'll need a rental car. A small saloon car is good enough & we are happy to assist you with booking your rental car and organizing car sharing

Some Advice

  • Even if a Saloon car is good enough (and cheap) to access all spots on the Island, Oman is the playground for all those who want to experience the fun and potential of a 4×4. Just be aware that even a modern equipped Land cruiser is only as good as its (experienced?) driver and the surrounding physics. Not every path should be crossed even if some previous tyre prints can be found. The conditions of the tracks depend on the individual day, tides, weather and much more. Last but not least the fishermen’s vehicles are way better dedicated for some extreme situations than a modern SUV even if they are old and rattly. Being stuck with a 2,5 ton vehicle in the mud without phone reception is not funny and digging out a stuck car can be an up to 3 days/5 man job with heavy machinery.
  • We recommend one night in Muscat during your travel back home. It gives you one extra day in case the ferry gets stopped because of too rough sea in summer season – it does not happen too often, but now and then. The extra day you could spend sightseeing in Muscat, visiting the Grand Mosque or the Muttrah Souq.
  • Good to know: On Masirah Island, you can’t change any currencies to OMR, not even at the bank. The easiest way of getting cash is withdrawing by credit card.


We offer you a stay at the 4* Masirah Island Resort where you enjoy the best possible comfort of all accommodations on Masirah Island. The Hotel offers free W-Lan, Pool and Gym. Price for the guided Kite holiday is based on a shared twin room (single room possible with surcharge).

Shared twin room
Single room


Included services
Food: Full board
breakfast, lunch snack and dinner at the Hotel or in local restaurants on the Island
guidance all the week from Muscat Airport to Muscat Airport
ferry fees
kite support and supervision
Extra expenses
rental car and gasoline




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