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Lo Stagnone is one of the safest kite spots in Europe! This is one of the main reasons we moved here and opened our Kite School. On this trip you could easily learn how to kitesurf and you could discover the hidden beauties of Sicily with our guided trips around the area.
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The lagoon in Lo Stagnone is a really save place to learn kitesurfing. The temperature is above 20C from April-November so this is our season. We can expect any kind of wind from 8-30 knots and this is the reason why we have almost 30 kites from 5 - 17m so we can always use the correct size according to the wind. We have a knee-deep water in front of our school so it is flat and easy to walk, you don't have to swim or bodydrag all the time. Wetsuit or leggings is good to have because there are sometimes leaves in the water and they have a similar bite as the jellyfish! Usually, just the ladies are sensitive for them.

Trip characteristics
Typical Pickup: Follow The Wind Kitesurf Sicily, Via Baia dei Fenici, Marsala, Trapani megye, Olaszország
Suitable for: Group, Family, Couple, Non-rider
Ambience: Relaxed
Experience Type: Collective

The Destination

I don't think we need to introduce Italian food or driving. But the area near the kite spot offers many things to do and we are happy to guide you through. On our list we have Erice mountain, the natural reserve of Zingaro, Segesta Temple and the hidden natural Thermal Bath. If you are not looking for sigthseeing or other adventures apart from kitesurfing you can enjoy the sunny weather and hang out at our school or enjoy the Italian cuisine the local area next to the spot. A rental car is recommended to be flexible to get around to buy some groceries or drive to the beach. For people who love waves there is also a spot around 2h driving away from Lo Stagnone.

The Experience

The main goal for us is to teach you safely how to kitesurf and for this we plan 3-4 days of kite courses. If we see you are ready to practice independently we are happy to use extra equipment so everyone can progress faster. After the lessons, we organize some sightseeing programs visiting local coffee shops, sights just to make sure you will have the complete Sicilian experience.


Private or Group lessons with 1 or 2 kites with 1 instructor up to 4 people. If the group is more than 2 than we will use 2 kites from the start so everyone can practice more. At the end of the course, everyone should be able to ride independently a short distance. Everyone will have their own kite to practice after we feel that it is safe for them but don't worry you will not be alone we always have Radio helmets on everyone so we can contact you anytime.


The accommodation was built lately. It has AC and modern rooms. There is no possibility to store kite equipment on the spot so if you come with your own equipment you have to store it in the accommodation.


Beginner Week
Oasi Guzzetta
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  • 9h group lessons
  • 3 days gear rental
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