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Greece is not only one of the windiest places in the world, it is also packed with adventure and outdoor activities. Watch the sunset from the water, follow ancient footpaths to scenic villages or go beneath the sea to explore the marine life. Learning to kite in Lefkadi is an unforgettable journey.
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The unique location of Lefkadi between Evia Island and the main land offers amazing wind conditions. The side-shore thermal winds blow almost everyday with an average of 15-23 knots- 9 and 12 meter kites will be used most. The water conditions are perfect for learning with small waves and an area with flat water.

Trip characteristics
Typical Pickup: Attiki Odos, Spata Artemida 190 04, Greece
Suitable for: Solo traveler, Family, Non-rider
Ambience: Relaxed, Lively Bars
Experience Type: Collective
Food: Breakfast

The Destination

Lefkadi is a small fisherman village located 10 minutes from Chalkida, the capital of Evia Island and 1 hour from Athens, easily accessible by a bridge which connects to the mainland. The kitecenter is based just on the waterfront edge and 10 minutes walking from the picturesque village of Lefkadi. There is an incredible view of the twin volcanoes while kiting and stunning sunsets from the kite school snack bar.

The Experience

With experienced instructors, shallow water areas, private facilities and world class weather conditions, Greece is the perfect place for both learning and practicing kiteboarding. Not only is Evia Island one of the windiest places in Greece, is a perfect multi-activity destination where you can explore on the water, under the water, from the air or in the mountains! Venture off the beaten path to explore the ancient footpaths, visit scenic villages or trek into the mountains to find beautiful waterfalls.

Kiteboarding Lessons

The consistency of the wind will ensure lots of practice time so your kite skills progress a ton during your stay. Beginners will learn to fly the kite first before going in the water, very soon students will experience their first body drag and not long after that, will be standing on the board for the first time! The winds blows side on-shore which is the safest direction for learning also allowing our students to progress as quickly as possible.

Other Watersports

-Windsurfing: Challenge yourself and give windsurfing a try -Stand up Paddleboarding: Take advantage of the calm mornings and go for a paddle -Diving: Swim with the fish or catch a ride with a dolphin, the sea life of Evia Island is breathtaking

Air Sports

Try sky diving or paragliding- the views are unbeatable from the sky!

Land Activities

-4x4: We invite you for an off-road excursion, get the chance to drive a Toyota Rav 4 in soil and have lunch at Metochi, one of the most beautiful beaches in the Mediterranean. -Mountain Biking: Bike along the coast and into the mountains to see historic villages, medieval towers, bridges and castles. -Trekking: Choose from 30+ designated hiking and trekking trails with varying difficulties. Treks range from half day-3 day trips. Explore ancient footpaths, scenic villages and breathtaking waterfalls.

Getting there

Lefkadi is easily accessible via the Athens airport, we may arrange an airport pickup on request.


Our apartment hotel is located in 10 min walking distance from the kite spot, providing all the amenities a kitesurfer needs. The quiet two-room apartments can accommodate 2-4 guests and include a kitchen and ensuite bathroom.
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