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Non stop days of wind with waves that only Perú can provide! Come and join us to live the adventure of North-shore Perú in Máncora and it's neighbor beaches. Suitable for all ages and levels, beginner kite courses all the way through to advanced lessons. wave kite trips and world class surf.
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Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Spot: Small waves, Big waves, Choppy

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We are blessed wit many kite spots in the area, the main spot is in front of our hotel where you will find flat to choppy conditions depending on the swell and power of the waves. When we have swell there are nice lefts for wave kiting. For beginners Its not a problem if there are waves we just go behind them where you will always find flat between the set waves. There are several other spots near by where you can wave kite or find more flatter spots. The air temp is warm around 28 - 32 deg, the water is around 20. Most people kite with a 2mm shorty, but it can be an idea to have a 3 2 mm long suit if its very windy, also the waters can be colder further south so if you are keen to do some of our kite trips bring a spring log suit a 3 2 is enough. The wind is between 15 - 30 knots. The typical kite size is between 7 - 12. The further south you go the more wind with Lobitos having the strongest winds and most powerful waves, we run day trips to those locations.

Trip characteristics

Accommodation: Bungalow

Suitable for: Solo traveler, Group, Family, Couple, Non-rider

English Spanish

Ambience: Relaxed, Parties & Clubs

Experience Type: Collective, Private

Food: Breakfast

Available Options: Vegetarian, Vegan, Special diets

The Destination

Blessed with year round sun its eternal summer, world famous left hand breaks to surf, amazing nature and great Peruvian food. The town is popular with surfers, backpackers, and Latin American tourists. The area is safe, there is lots to do, you can relax or party hard there are all the options here in Mancora.

The Experience

The North shore of Peru is a destination every kitesurf and surf traveler should experience. The area is blessed with year long good weather, consistent winds and some of the most reliable and clean waves the world has to offer. The Peruvian North shore coast line is stunningly beautiful and unique with lonely wind swept mountains and endless sandy beaches.

We never get crowded on the kite spots and the wind starts around lunch time so you can surf one of the many points or perhaps do a yoga session in the morning followed by kitesurfing in the afternoon. Mancora has a great kite spot with a long beach, and the perfect wind direction.
After your kite session you can enjoy the daily sun sets which are always special here the colours are just amazing. Then its up to you stay quite in your luxurious bungalow, have a nice meal in our water front restaurant or head in to Mancora where you can party with the back packer crowd until the early hours.

There are also plenty of non wind activities such as SUP, Yoga, visiting the towns many shops & Markets, swimming with the turtles, or visitntg the national park which is around 1 - 2 hours away. From Mid July to October there are migrating whales this is just an incredible site, and to be out there kiting! wow.

The gastronomy in Peru is world famous having won several awards for its cuisine which is a fusion of incan, European and Asiatic flavors. The country has a rich history & Culture. You can easy link a trip here to spending a week in the south of the country to visit Cusco and Machu Picchu.

Peru is a gem and it should definitely be on your travel list, come and stay with us to experience this unique location.

7 day learn to kitesurf
Saturday - Saturday

5 day 10 hour kite course, including kite rental for your entire stay (providing you can kite upwind!).

7 day learn to wave kite
8 Day 7 nights

Do a 10 hour learn to wave kite course (you should be able to kite upwind with a twin tip)

7 Day Wave kite trip
8 days 7 nights

Come and ride the best waves on the north shore. We will go to 5 locations over the 1 week period. You must be able to wave kite already.

7 Day Water Man
7 Day

5 Days of Surf lessons in the mornings 5 days of Kite surf Lessons in the Afternoons

7 Day Yoga & Kite
7 Day Yoga in the morning Kite in the Afternoon

Stretch in the mornings and relax Then hit the wind in the afternoon. This can be taken as lessons, rentals or bring your own gear.

Itineraries are not binding and the actual itinerary can be adjusted by the host because of unforeseen circumstances or other reasons!


There are different accommodations available depending on your requirements such as budget, solo traveler, family or large group. All of our accommodations are to the highest possible standard for each budget. We want you to have the best possible kitesurf holiday here in our home town of Mancora. Our kitesurf centre is located at our 4 star resort directly on the water just 5 minutes walk from Mancora town. You have the possibility to stay in a hostel dorm, select one of the many options in our resort or rent an amazing apartment (which is great for big groups or if you just want your own place). Any length of time is possible, short or long. we are here to give you the best on offer here in Mancora : )

Bungalow Beach side (On site)

Deluxe villa located above the sands of Mancora’s open Beach, boasting beautiful panoramic ocean views. The villa was created with unique northern Peruvian craftsmanship and materials to create an authentic feel of the local culture while indulging in the peaceful comfort of our resort, also contains a large sofa for your relaxation and comfort. The “partially open Bathroom” is a delight. Providing complete privacy with an internal garden, piedra laja floors and a generous open raindrop shower.

Walking distance to spot

Bungalow Garden Side (On site)

Our bungalows have been created in our beautiful meditation gardens, built with authentic craftsmanship and materials of northern Peru. After a restful night sleep on your Queen size bed, wake up to the sound of the Pacific Ocean. The bungalows partially open Bathroom is a delight, it is completely private, covered with piedra laja floors and has an open raindrop shower.

Walking distance to spot


Included services
Food: Breakfast
Take a SUP any time you want (mornings are great for SUP here with low wind conditions)
Rental equiptment for your stay when you take a full kite course (you must be able to kite upwind)
2 for 1 beers every early eveining after the kite or surf session
Extra expenses
2 For 1 beer offer every day after riding
Beach Quad Riding
Horse Riding On the Beach
Turtle Tour
Surf Board Rental
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