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We have found paradise! Pearly white sandy beaches, 27 degree turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean, palm trees, friendly people … but especially super lovely kite conditions for every level. For beginners to freestylers there is shallow flat water to the wave reef. Join us to Zanzibar!
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Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Spot: Shallow, Flat, Big waves
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Right in front of our kite center and hotel, we have two huge lagoons which vary in conditions in the tides with flat water on both lagoons on low to middle tides and beach kickers at high tides. Neap tides leave us flat water ALL day. There is a reef 1.8km away from the beach creating clean 2-5 meter waves which offers a great place to get strapless or get on the twin tip and play. We’ll also enjoy epic downwinders along the reef, down the coast and out to exotic locations such as the otherwise off limits island of Mnemba. We are offering numerous trips on various secret lagoons and sandbars around the island, but to be honest Paje is the place to be. This is where great days can be finished off with a downwinder to a restaurant 20km down the coast with your friends, or a quick taxi and then downwinder back home to finish at the bar with a beer or cocktail next to the kite center. The water temperature is always over 24 degrees, so your wet suit can stay at home. Wind Conditions The best months for beginners are from mid-June until mid-October and the end of December until mid-March. The wind is always side onshore. The best months for experts are from mid-June until mid-September and the end of December/beginning of January until the end of February. The average wind speed is around 16 knots, usually increasing towards the end of the day in the late afternoon. The most commonly used kite sizes are 9-14, with some occasional 7, depending on your weight.

Trip characteristics
Accommodation: Hotel
Typical Pickup: Paje, Zanzibar
Suitable for: Solo traveler
Ambience: Wilderness, Relaxed
Experience Type: Collective
Food: Half board
Available Options: Vegetarian, Special diets

The Destination

Zanzibar, a small idyllic beach holiday paradise off the Tanzanian coast of East Africa. You can find the most beautiful beaches, coconut palm trees and crystal clear waters on the island. Paje, the village where we will stay, is set against the stunning background of endless blue Indian Ocean and beautiful white beaches. It’s an African village where the pace of life seemingly hasn’t changed for over fifty years. The people are curious, friendly and welcoming, but most of all they teach us what we in the fast western world lost a long time ago… Hakuna Matata (no worries in Swahili) and Pole Pole (take it slow). We believe Zanzibar is a truly unique place in the world to combine this extreme sport while also relaxing and discovering the raw beauty of this relatively untouched island.

The Experience

We have found paradise! Pearly white sandy beaches, 27 degree turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean, palm trees, friendly people … but especially super lovely kite conditions for every level.

Besides kitesurfing there are several interesting activities to do with our partners, such as: diving, boat trips, a safari tour, spice tours, swimming with the dolphins, etc. It’s the perfect place to combine sport with relaxation. Also from here it’s possible to go on safari on the mainland. It’s really amazing to see all the wildlife and Mt. Kilimanjaro at the end or beginning of your trip.

The beach, where the sand is as white and the ocean as turquoise as you could wish for. As guest at the kitecentre and Mr Kahawa you can relax here in the deck chairs available or seek shadow if the sun gets too strong.

When the tide rises, the Indian Ocean is ideal for kitesurfing or taking a swim. When the tide falls, the functions of the beach changes. Now you can see the local women growing their seaweed fields, gathering mussels or simply socialising. In the late afternoons and evenings you can often watch the young men practicing handsprings at the beach.

We created a wonderful package, so you don’t have to think about anything more than which bikini you will wear and how to relax from the moment you leave the plane!

The Facts:

  • Progression Kiteboarding Camp
  • minimum age: 23
  • only once per year, only two weeks, only 12 spots - reserve way in advance, as this is our most popular destination!

1 week Camp price : 749,- € 2 weeks Camp Price: : 1199€

Included Extras #1

SUP Mangrove Tour Let the mangroves of Zanzibar surprise you during a lovely low profile SUP tour at sunset. One of the most amazing surroundings you've ever seen, trust us! Our crew takes you on the SUP board trough the water forest and offer you fresh fruits after the tour, on top of our sightseeing tower, in the middle of the mangroves.

Intermediate / Advanced Coaching Up and running with your own gear, but looking forward to some extra tips, tricks and coaching? We have 3 times 2 hours per week included with one of our coaches during this camp :)

Guided village tour As the camp crew are very much involved in the local village, both concerning the development of the village as well as its well-being. We offer a free and guided tour in the village included in your package for you to experience the local community.

Getting There

Once arrived on Zanzibar airport, there will be a taxi arranged by us. And after a one hour journey, you will arrive in Paje. Don’t forget to tell the driver to stop at the ATM, as there are only a few on the island and there are all in Stonetown and on the airport.

mandatory extra costs:

  • Visa (at the airport in Zanzibar available for $ 50, -)
  • it's mandatory that you have a foreign travel health insurance (usually around 10 - 15€. Please make sure that it would cover a kitesurf accident


We stay in a small and luxe hotel on the beach, at the kite center and on the kitespot. The accommodation is cozy, familiar, with a friendly staff and offers everything you need during your stay at Paje including our huge SWIMMINGPOOL. There are 2 or 3 person rooms available, as well as single rooms (with surcharge). WLAN (though rather slow) and a computer to check your emails available. It is possible to have your laundry done (by hand) at the hotel.

Twin Room with Private Bathroom

Our hotel exists out of 11 rooms, all including their own bathroom and based on single, double, twin or triple stay. The rooms are spacious and the AC or the fans take care you can handle the heat during the nights. When you leave the room, you walk in to our common garden with pool, lounge area and a private restaurant.

Walking distance to spot


Included services
Food: Half board
7 nights accommodation Full Board
Airport group transfers
Coaching package,, tips, tricks & 24hrs crew
SUP Tour & Village Tour
Private Gear storage on the beach
Extra expenses
Visa upon arrival ¢50,- at the airport
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From €749
7 nights
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