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Surround yourself with pure, untouched nature in northern Finland, where reindeer are the only traffic for kms. Our snowkite camp is located in the desolate Kaldoaivi wilderness. We will travel by snowmobile to a variety of beautiful locations.
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Kaldoaivi is Finland’s largest wilderness. With endless snow and almost completely treeless expanses, it is the ultimate snow kite destination. Nuorgam is a small village of only 120 people, so you won’t meet many tourists here. This is the perfect place to enjoy the silence of pure nature. We have been snow kiting in the area for years, giving us time to learn the best spots to go and places to stay. We will travel by snowmobile to the best spot each day (depending on the wind and snow conditions), where we will set up camp and a fire place. During the week there is an option to go for an overnight expedition into the wilderness. If the snow and wind conditions are not ideal in Kaldoaivi, we can cross the border into Norway. We will provide you with the Peter Lynn foil kites & skis/snowboards. All you need to bring is your own boots. Rental gear 250€/week

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Typical Pickup: Ivalo, 99800 Inari, Suomi
Suitable for: Solo traveler, Family, Non-rider
Ambience: Wilderness
Experience Type: Collective

The Destination

Nuorgam is the northernmost village in the EU. It is located 500 kilometres north of the Arctic Circle, near to the Arctic Ocean. Because the tourism is totally limited in these areas, the nature here is completely untouched. Being this close to pure untouched nature is an experience of a lifetime and something that is not easily accessible. Here you can feel the absolute silence of the nature. Due to its location, Nuorgam is one of the best places to see the northern lights because we have zero light pollution, and because of the cold weather there are no clouds. This makes it possible to see the northern lights during 60–70% of the winter nights.

The Experience

This camp is not only an unforgettable snow kite adventure, but an opportunity to experience and enjoy the desolate, un-touched arctic nature. Every day we will travel by snowmobile into the wilderness to find the best kite spot, where we set up a camp with tiipii-style tents heated by indoor stoves.

In the evening we come to the cosy cottages and prepare dinner together. There is a gazebo to have a BBQ. Relax your muscles in the sauna or hot tub after a full day of kite action and with any luck you will see the northern lights dancing in the sky.

We will teach you everything you need to become a safe and independent kiter. You will learn about equipment, safety, wind conditions and kiting – first the theory, followed by exercises with the kite in the snow. Our kite courses are designed for kiters of any level. Advanced kiters can kite on a wider area and do day trips to the mountain hills.

At the end of the kite camp there is possibility to make one- or two-night kite expedition.

There are several no wind/ other activities to help make the most out of your arctic adventure. All the gear is free to use: skis, snowshoes, sleds, fatbikes, kicksleds.

Additional activities

  • Visiting a reindeer herder
  • Ice fishing
  • Fatbiking
  • Skiing
  • Snowshoeing
  • Day trip to Norway
  • Husky Safari (extra charge 180€/person)
  • Snowmobile safari (150€/person)


Private/shared rooms in a cottage with shared facilities. Our riverside cottages have their own sauna. Private cottages are available as well with extra fee.

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