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360 kitesurfing experience on one of the most dreamed playgrounds of the planet. Take your first kite lessons; progress with our IKO instructors; get involved in wave riding coaching; test the Airush gear & be guided to the most beautiful spots in the region. Live your vacation a daring adventure!
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An immense lagoon of Dakhla is a unique place to practice water sports. Its constant wind blowing side shore all the year round, flat shallow water, sandy bottoms and total absence of risks permit you to learn or progress in different disciplines in complete safety and short time. Get ready to start the training on safe and quite shallow butter flat spots. The main lagoon spot of Dakhla is very crowded and busy during the main wind season, though we will travel with special guides by 4x4 along the coast exploring empty beautiful spots of the coast. Doesn’t matter if you are an advanced rider or a beginner student taking course with us, we will find the best conditions for you and catch the wind on the spots you may seen only in the traveling magazines and TV channels. In Spring and Autumn we don't expect very strong wind in Sahara, you may need 9 to 12m kites. While in Summer months the wind is quite strong the the kites between 5 and 8m should be enough. As for the wetsuits, the water temperature is around 20 degrees here, while air temperature is around 25. Consider to bring 3/2 or 4/3 long wetsuit with you! If you plan to take a Kitesurf course with us or rent a gear, then you won’t need an equipment to bring with you. We will have it for you in our center. Just make a reservation in advance.

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Typical Pickup: Kite House Dakhla
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Suitable for: Solo traveler, Group, Family, Couple, Non-rider
Ambience: Wilderness, Relaxed
Experience Type: Private
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Available Options: Vegetarian

The Destination

Western Sahara is one of the most beautiful world spots for kitesurfing, wingfoiling and even surfing. It's a place where the desert meets the ocean and where the Northern winds blow almost all the year round. And it definitely has much more to offer than just a classic stay in the camp with basic services on the crowded lagoon spot. That's why we decided to dedicate our weeks, besides learning and progression, to exploring of this unique region with its breathtaking beauty that actually is possible to discover with special guides by 4x4, driving inside the desert and it's Atlantic cost. It has both flat water lagoons often visited by pink flamingos and even dolphins, and absolutely amazing waves for all the levels. Not to talk about very reach cuisine of the area with 1000 of flavours of Moroccan food culture. Don't expect to find here club parties. The nature will make the show.

The Experience

Our sports center and guest house are located at the entrance to Dakhla, very close to the main wave beaches and 30-40min drive from the different flat spots perfect for learning as well as practicing freestyle. This town area has some small supermarkets, some bars and pharmacies, probably the most necessary things you may need during your stay. Consider to dedicate half days to kitesurf activity, while the second half of the day you can enjoy your vacation, chill on the beach or in the pool of luxury hotels that we collaborate with, or just explore the region. Every day we will reach different kitesurf spots with our private 4x4 cars. The exact time of the sessions will be decided according to the tide and wind forecast and of course student level. You can choose between different kitesurf packages the one that suites you better. No matter you are a beginner and taking an IKO course with us, or an intermediate for the coaching or an advanced rider interested in the guided trips, we will make sure you catch the best and safest conditions for your ride. For every session you'll have an IKO instructor confident with the spot! Don’t worry of getting tired fast. We will organize a post kite yoga sessions for you, so you can relax the muscles and mind and get ready for the next day adventure!

Moreover, for the lovers of new experiences we will organize a sand-board trip in our stunning dunes park, close to lagoon.


During your vacation you will stay in an elegant guest house, ideally located seafront at the entrance to Dakhla. We pretty sure their team will make you feel home away from home with their family vibes and friendly atmosphere. It has double and triple rooms with private bathrooms and air condition, perfect for couples, friends, families and surely single travelers. It has a stylish breakfast room, wifi, rooftop terrace with a beautiful view of the lagoon and a small garden, great for chilling and your sport equipment storage. The delicious breakfast with aromatic Moroccan tea or coffee is offered every morning! The owner is an amazing Spanish lady, living and working in Dakhla for more than 13 years. She’s coming from hospitality business and she definitely put some spanish vibes into this lovely villa. We have chosen this accommodation for its relaxing atmosphere, hospitality, food and cozy rooms.
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I'm a professional kitesurf instructor and owner of Airush Test Center/Waves & Dunes project in Dakhla, in Morocco. As well in Dakhla I work as Airush distributor and school, powered by Airush Italy. I'm a strapless rider and keep on trying to promote strapless wave riding, while In collaboration with different kite schools around the world (of other brands as well) and proriders we organise different kite camps and cliniques for riders of different levels and disciplines in Dakhla and all over the world! Join me for the absolutely unique adventures!
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